We’re a ‘solutions driven’ company that recognizes that continuity of service is vital.

In an integrated communications market we recognize that time never stands still. Voice and data convergence is becoming the norm including Hosted Cloud Voice where voice is transmitted over the broadband back bone.

Alpha Communications, established in 1997, believes in added value for our customers. We’re constantly moving with technology to meet, and often anticipate, the needs of our customers and will continue to provide the resources and skills that our customers both demand and expect.

pPublic Sector

The core focus of our business is the supply, installation and support of business telephones and associated equipment. We work with a wide range of clients, from small to large businesses, schools, and other public sector users, to produce solutions that fit their needs.

We have grown because we understand each client’s communications needs are individual. No one solution fits all.

Is your business being held back by bad communication?

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